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The CashPT Lunch Hour #1: The Top 3 Misconceptions Therapists Have About The Cash-Based Physical Therapy Model

In this episode I talk about the top 3 misconceptions about the cash-based physical therapy model and the #1 mistake most cash-based physical therapists make when starting out. I also introduce my new online training program The CashPT Blueprint and show you how to create the practice of your dreams.

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What’s your niche? Go Narrow & Get Deep.

I know it’s been a while since I posted to my blog. Surprise! I’ve been busy!

CashPT Blueprint Direct Cash Based Pay Physical Therapy Success CourseSince my last post I’ve been working hard to complete The CashPT Blueprint, which is now available for immediate enrollment. I’ve also been treating 22+ patients a week. One week I saw 9 new patients in 3 days! I had the honor to present at the WebPT Ascend Summit. I have also been developing and teaching my own weekend continuing education seminar, Functional Myofascial Therapy, with a colleague here in town. I have submitted my power point slides for CSM 2015 where my topic is “Dramatically Increase Patient Self-Referrals: Free Yourself (and Your Practice) From Physicians.”  You should come, and be sure to say hi! I’ll be the tall guy with red hair. And just last week I completed a 200 hour Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga Teacher Training program. Oh, and then there’s my family, Atlanta for Thanksgiving, Charleston, SC for my anniversary, spending lots of time with my girls and grilling out a lot of ribs in the last few months!

I also have some excellent guests and new opportunities in the works for 2015. Stay Tuned. Whew!

So today, what I want to do is check in, say hi and discuss a key aspect for marketing your practice and differentiating yourself from other clinics. It’s about going narrow to get deep. Read More


Interview with Cash Based Physical Therapist & Author Dr. Jarod Carter

jarod carter LeBauer Consulting interview cash practiceI’m really excited to share this interview with Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC. We covered a lot of topics relating to cash-based and out-of-network physical therapy and I hope you get a lot out of our conversation.

I first “ran into” Jarod via his YouTube videos while reviewing my own. I looked him up and saw he had a similar practice style and philosophy to mine. We are just on the same path helping patients and therapists and he has been a great friend and colleague.

I learned a ton in our conversation together and it is a pleasure and honor to have him as a guest on my blog.


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Medicare Enrollment – PAR or NON-PAR?

PAR-NON-PAR medicare cash based physical therapy fee schedule

As if all things Medicare were not confusing enough, the very act of enrolling in Medicare has confusing terminology.   When you enroll in Medicare you have a choice to become a “participating provider” or a “non-participating provider”.  All together that seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  Let’s start again with some terminology that will make it helpful for this discussion and provide some descriptive context to Medicare’s terminology: Read More


Medicare & Cash Based Physical Therapy: My Story

Medicare Direct Pay Cash Based  Physical Therapy

Well this has been a long time coming. It’s the elephant in the room, Big Brother, aka Medicare. The relationship dynamic between Medicare and physical therapists is a tough one to navigate, considering all of the compliance and payment issues it is difficult on a good day. Add in a dose of cash based physical therapy and you have a recipe for muddy water that you might not want to drink.

Today I am going to describe my experience with running a cash based physical therapy practice and not being enrolled with Medicare. Read More


WebPT Ascend Business Summit in Dallas, Tx; A Rehab & Therapy Private Practice Conference

WebPT Rehab Therapy Business SummitI am excited to announce that I have been invited to be a featured presenter along side some other amazing people at the WebPT Ascend Business Summit in Dallas, Texas on September 20th, 2014. Ascent is an educational event focused on rehab & therapy provider business growth.

Earn CEUs + Network with Peers + Grow Your Business

Read on for more information and a special offer!

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Interview with Rachel Wynn: How to tell your story with your Website, Blog & Social Media

rachel wynn talks websites for Cash Based TherapistsRecently I had the pleasure to spend some time on a video chat with Rachel Wynn, MS CCC-SLP. Rachel is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has worked in skilled nursing, owned a private practice, writes for her advocacy blog Gray Matter Therapy and recently started Story Zest. She helps other therapists and therapy practices connect with their potential patients and customers directly. She helps others tell their story on their website and blog to engage potential patients in a “conversation”, so they can learn how they can benefit from the therapy services.

Connecting and interacting with potential customers is vital, and doing this with your website and/or blog is one of the best and least expensive methods of actualizing direct access marketing. I’ve mentioned before, I get approximately 50% of my new patients from the internet. If you have a therapy practice and do not have a website or blog, you need one plain and simple. If you have website, and it basically serves as your online “brochure or business card” and it can be so much more. You need to listen to this interview. Read More


Interviews with Aaron LeBauer about Cash Based Physical Therapy

In the last few months I’ve been really honored to be interviewed and featured on 3 really awesome blogs talking about the cash pay model of physical therapy. As we all know, it’s not just about the Benjamins, as checks, credit cards, flex spending & health savings accounts are also accepted. This will perhaps be the densest post on my blog to date. There is so much to share, great information for any therapist or practice owner, you’ll just have to go and listen to the interviews below. Read More


2014 Therapydia Blog Awards

Therapydia Physical Therapy Blog Awards

I am very excited to announce that this blog has been nominated for the 2014 Therapydia Physical Therapy Blog Awards. Being that I started this blog only just over 1 year ago, I’m truly honored to be included amongst this group of amazing blogs, and talented and successful physical therapists and I would really love to win this in just my 1st year.

I hope the time and energy I’ve put into this blog, creating new posts, interviewing other therapists and highlighting many clinical pearls for operating a cash based physical therapy practice have helped you build and improve your current practice. One of the ways you can show your support for my blog (and a great way to show thanks) is to go to Therapydia and vote for me in the “Best Clinic Blog” category. Read More


New Video: Tour of Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice

Cash Pay Physical Therapy Practice

LeBauer Physical Therapy

A few weeks ago I shot a quick MTV Cribs video of my office just to show how I like to keep my practice simple, comfortable and maintain a low overhead while providing a high value service to my patients. A physical therapy practice does not have to have a huge gym with lots of expensive equipment, which is what was impressed upon me as a student. As you can see in the video below our practice is quite small and intimate. Read More