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Be A Cash-Based PT Champion: Interview with Lenny Macrina MSPT, SCS, CSCS

Lenny Macrina Champion Physical Therapy

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lenny Macrina MSPT, SCS, CSCS. Lenny has been practice physical therapy for over 11 years and is a certified sports physical therapist. He believes that “the patient comes first, no matter the circumstances.”  He owns Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Waltham, MA with his business partner and physical therapist Mike Reinhold PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS. In this training Lenny reveals what’s possible when a therapist works directly with and for patients, not for their insurance company! Read More


Insurance Benefits in a Cash-Based Practice

insurance benefits cash pay based physical therapy

“Do You Take My Insurance?”

Do you know what your own insurance benefits are? Do you know your in-network co-pay and deductible? How about your out-of-network co-pay/co-insurance and deductible? What are your physical therapy or rehabilitation benefits? This is a vital concept to grasp and understand so you can answer this question and help your patients make an informed choice, especially when they are looking for the best value.

Health Insurance coverage is drastically different than what it was just 10, even 5, years ago. More and more people are choosing high deductible health plans and “insurance” is becoming more of a catastrophic save your ass plan, rather than a “pay it all for me: plan similar. It is more similar to automobile insurance, which does not cover Read More


Create A Winning Niche! The CashPT Lunch Hour #4 w/ Julie Eibensteiner

Intensive ACL Rehab for Athletes

Create a Winning Niche!

This month I had the honor and pleasure to interview Julie Eibensteiner PT, DPT, CSCS about her 100% cash-based practice. Julie has an extremely successful low-overhead cash-based practice in Minneapolis, MN. She has a very strong niche focus, “Intensive ACL Rehab for Athletes.” Over 90% of her patients have experienced a ruptured ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Her practice model and marketing truly exemplifies the quote from Seth Goden that “everyone is not your customer.” In this training she breaks down all of the major misconceptions about the cash-based model and demystifies the fears I hear the most from other therapists.  Read More


CashPT Lunch Hour #3: Erson Religioso III DPT, FAAOMPT

Erson Religioso physical therapy cash practice

I’m super excited to share my recent interview with Dr. E, Erson Religioso III DPT, FAAOMPT of the blog www.TheManualTherapist.com. Erson is not only a cash based physical therapist, he educates therapists on how to be better clinicians and how to incorporate instrument assisted manual therapist in their practice. He is also a genius when it comes to utilizing technology to create low overhead solutions for a physical therapy cash practice. We had a great conversation, he definitely dropped some knowledge bombs and I felt like I could keep talking to him all day, but had to cut it off somewhere. There is so much more to talk about and Erson is a multifaceted physical therapist and entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!. Read More


The CashPT Happy Hour #2: Scott Harmon OT -Start A Therapy Practice

Scott Harmon CashPT Cash Therapy PracticeToday I had the honor and privilege to interview Scott Harmon OT. Scott is the owner of 2 pediatric clinics that provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in Conway and Greenbrier Arkansas. Scott is also a business coach and helps other physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists start their own therapy practices. In our interview we had the chance to cover how Scott started and grew his practice, his resources for a low overhead practice, his recommended books from which he draws knowledge and inspiration, as well as his marketing strategies and philosophy. Pull up a chair, grab a snack, sit back and enjoy!

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The CashPT Lunch Hour #2: Chad Madden PT the POPTS Killer!

physical therapy  Popts killer

In today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour #2 I share my interview with the POPTS Killer Chad Madden PT.

Chad discusses his creative strategies to market directly to patients and physicians. He explains how he kept his private practice alive when a majority of his physician referrals started their own practices or became employed by the local hospital and no longer sent patients to his practice.

Many of Chad’s referring physicians, now employed by the hospital can no longer refer patients to him or even return his phone calls. Chad has lost his top referral source 3 times! and his practice is still thriving

Now Chads practice Madden Physical Therapy in Harrisburg, PA is seeing more patients than ever before, including 40 patients a month who list a POPTS physician as their primary physician. Read More


APTA CSM 2015 & The CashPT Nation

Aaron LeBauer CSM 2015I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I gave my presentation at CSM 2015 in Indianapolis. It was really awesome to meet people in person who I follow and interact with online and via social media. It was great to see and meet so many people who are interested in or already own a cash-based physical therapy practice. There was even a large group of PT’s with hybrid practices including Cash+Medicare, In-Network + Cash, In/Out of network combo and Out-of-Network + Cash. Everyone is looking for ways to differentiate themselves, create more value, help patients heal and increase the bottom line because if we can’t keep the doors open, we can’t treat patients. Read More


The CashPT Happy Hour #1: The Cash-Based Mindset & My #1 Marketing Strategy

In this webinar, The CashPT Happy Hour #1, I cover the cash-based mindset & The #1 Online Marketing Mistake most physical therapy practices make or conversely the strategy you need to employ!

I discuss in detail the primary care physical therapy mindset, the value mindset and the mindset patients must have to seek therapy in a cash-based model. We discuss why direct access is key to the cash-based mindset and how to overcome needing a referral, prescription or signed plan of care for physical therapy treatment in your clinic. Read More


The CashPT Lunch Hour #1: The Top 3 Misconceptions Therapists Have About The Cash-Based Physical Therapy Model

In this episode I talk about the top 3 misconceptions about the cash-based physical therapy model and the #1 mistake most cash-based physical therapists make when starting out. I also introduce my new online training program The CashPT Blueprint and show you how to create the practice of your dreams.

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What’s your niche? Go Narrow & Get Deep.

I know it’s been a while since I posted to my blog. Surprise! I’ve been busy!

CashPT Blueprint Direct Cash Based Pay Physical Therapy Success CourseSince my last post I’ve been working hard to complete The CashPT Blueprint, which is now available for immediate enrollment. I’ve also been treating 22+ patients a week. One week I saw 9 new patients in 3 days! I had the honor to present at the WebPT Ascend Summit. I have also been developing and teaching my own weekend continuing education seminar, Functional Myofascial Therapy, with a colleague here in town. I have submitted my power point slides for CSM 2015 where my topic is “Dramatically Increase Patient Self-Referrals: Free Yourself (and Your Practice) From Physicians.”  You should come, and be sure to say hi! I’ll be the tall guy with red hair. And just last week I completed a 200 hour Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga Teacher Training program. Oh, and then there’s my family, Atlanta for Thanksgiving, Charleston, SC for my anniversary, spending lots of time with my girls and grilling out a lot of ribs in the last few months!

I also have some excellent guests and new opportunities in the works for 2015. Stay Tuned. Whew!

So today, what I want to do is check in, say hi and discuss a key aspect for marketing your practice and differentiating yourself from other clinics. It’s about going narrow to get deep. Read More